Dungeons and Dragons

Hola everyone, and velkom to a very dusty blog *koff koff*

Anyway, just to mention this: I've been playing a real paper and pencil (P&P) Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a few friends for the past few months, and we have reached up to level 3! Yes, our characters are still alive and in the current campaign, we are delving deeper into an old abandoned keep to prevent a cult from opening a rift to the Shadowfell (just consider it as another badass dimension with badass things that will cause bad things to happen if they come over into our dimension).

Here's the definition of what is D&D straight from the horse's mouth.
Here's the definition from Wikipedia.

OK, basically we role-play our characters, making them do actions that will affect things in the game world, e.g. talking to other characters, asking information from non-player characters (NPCs) and beating the crap out of monsters or bad guys that get in our way.

Here's some shots of our current campaign:

 Now all I have to do is to level up my character to level 3, which means I get to pick another encounter power :D


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