Sunday macro fun

ooh, another update, finally.

I took my 100mm macro lens out for a bit of fun in the sun today, but unfortunately it was during one of the hottest time of the day (around 12 or was it 1 p.m.).

I was also conducting an experiment to see if the silicon gels that I bought can be recycled to get rid of the moisture that it absorbed so I could use it again. The results were positive: these gels CAN be recycled, but you need lots of heat.

What I did was to put them into a clear plastic container and put them on top of a car when the sun is out. You know how hot car hoods can be when exposed to tropical sunlight, right?:

silicon gel

They originally come in blue colour (dry) but they will turn pink when they absorb moisture. Here's a shot of wet and dry silicon gels:
silicon gel

Alrighty, back to our main story, I was lurking around the garden in the middle of the day and this is what happened:


Lets have a closer look:

Some orchids:

And some funky flower:

flower bud

The day was quite windy, so I had to use the flash to freeze the flowers and plants in place. Hope you enjoyed that. I'll see what else can be shot in another instalment.


leanna said…
nice la duck duck
maslight said…
GG i can see the bulu for the last photo.
Chucky said…
ya, the flash lit up all the bebulu on that disturbing looking flower bud LOL

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