First victim of new lens

Welcome back... no I haven't been KO-ed this whole while, but it does feel that way since I have nothing interesting to blog about.

OK to cut to the chase: I just got myself a Canon 100mm Macro lens. So for the next few posts, you'll probably be seeing shots of tiny stuff from around my house :D

OK, my first live subject was this spider which I found just hanging around (more like sitting pretty) on a door at my place of work. Luckily I had this lens with me and my flash while I was covering an event, so... heh heh heh this was my first live subject.


I didn't really get many shots of this fellow, since it was kinda high, and I had to shoot upwards. The good thing was, it was facing down, so I was able to see its "face".


Depth of field for this lens is kinda narrow (most, if not all macro lenses are like this), so in order to get something sharp, you'll have to shoot at f/11 or even f/16. At these apertures, lighting becomes a problem, so you really need a flash or two to help light up your subject. Canon does sell the macro ring light MR-14EX but it costs a BOMB!

OK, Now pokai oledi... :(


Boo said…
Ini maciam one of the dewan's door je.... But anyway the spiderman or perhaps spiderwoman looks "Yucks... to me!!!!" *Anti - Bulu-bulu thingy*
Chucky said…
This is what nature created, it's just that we seldom see it because it is very small :D

OK, have to look for more victims heh heh heh...

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