Happy Pesta Kaamatan

Yay, the end of May is nigh, that means Pesta Kaamatan is right around the corner!

Wait, as I'm typing this, it's already the 30th day of May, so we actually bumped into and ran over Kaamatan?

FYI, the peoples of Sarawak will have their harvest festival on 1st and 2nd of June, right after Sabah's. So this year, Sabahans will only get Monday off (to replace the holiday falling on Sunday), whereas the Sarawakians only need to return to work on Wedneday, since Monday and Tuesday are holidays for them. Oh well...

Anyway, we had a fun time playing FoF on Jack's computer during the BBQ and then there was the discussion about CSI: Miami's Horatio Caine's shade-wearing skills which ended up with most of us doing this:

(Note: Person in the picture is NOT Horatio Caine)
Anyway, just wanna wish everyone Happy Harvest Festival.


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