CUBE photo contest

I went for the Cube Restaurant and Wine Lounge photo contest last Thursday (19 March).

The Cube restaurant is located in City Mall (for those who don't know, it's at the left hand corner as soon as you turn into City Mall). The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it is a nightmare for photographers!!! (The ceiling is black, and the lighting is kinda dim) OK, just joking lah, it has a cosy atmosphere to kick back and relax.

OK, back to the main story: we were invited to participate in this photo contest by silvertongue I mean Silverhand (actually Julian bugged me into joining). So after work, I rushed home, grabbed a quick shower and my camera gear and headed to Cube.

So I reached there slightly before 6pm, and a few other photographers were already assembled there. The proprietress, Mei was friendly and accommodating to all of us as we shuffled around her restaurant trying to shoot her food :P

We had to shoot the Cube signature dishes as well as the models, because they were wearing some clothes sponsored by... errr... I'll get back to you on that. Heh heh. Moving on...

Edit: The clothes were provided by Samantha, another shop also located in City Mall.

I came to Cube on a previous visit, and noted the lack of a white ceiling (hence the photographer's nightmare) and brought along a little prop to help:

Photo credit to Gerry.

We had to shoot the food and drinks:


The signature dish above, was actually another one ordered by a restaurant patron, but since it looked better than the sample that we had earlier, we shot hers instead LOL.

So after shooing away all the photographers from her dinner, she finally managed to tuck into her food with gusto!
You won't like me when I'm hungry!


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