Yes, lil old me attended the H-factor Creative Youth Workshop that was held in Pan Pacific, Sutera Harbour Resort yesterday. The workshop was scheduled for 10:30am to 6:00 pm, but of course it started a bit later than scheduled.

More info in the link above.

It was a workshop that had speakers such as Hannah Tan, Hans Isaac, Reymee (of Innuendo fame), David Lai (couldn't make it today), Fellest Yan, Joey Khor, Harith Iskander, Serena C and Pietro to talk about their respective industries.

No photos of the goings on right now, as the organisers banned everyone from taking photos during the workshop, as they had their official photographer and videographer to capture the moments, so if you are looking for photos of the event, please try the link above.

Side note: the local media was allocated front row seats, but I wasn't sure if they were allowed to take photos or not, since some of the ushers did request one of the media members to stop taking photos early in the workshop. Why can't the local media take and use their own photos, since they were allocated front row seats? They could have just stayed where they were and snapped, and it wouldn't have hampered the view of the other participants that were packed like sardines at the back by much.

All in all it was fun, but I did leave with a slight bitter after-taste in my mouth.

Must have been the fish...


maslight said…
I'm totally confused with sitting in front. So confused that it doesn't make sense

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