ClickStartPlay post HobbyCon cum Christmas Party

Welcome to another edition of super slow news... too lazy to add anything here these past few months, but this entry is a must.

ClickStartPlay organised a post-Hobbycon and Christmas party in Hyatt last Sunday (23 Dec). Around 30-odd people turned up, forum members as well as non-forum members.

group photo

Yeah, one of the heads was pixelised on the request of the owner of that head.

Anyway, before the main party started, there was a bit of organising to do, but who said it shouldn't be fun? Here's some of the members getting a bit of fun playing twister:


As promised, one of the forum members brought a copy of the newspaper that featured HobbyCon 2007 inside:
viewing hobbycon article

There were some fun activities planned for the night, among them was charades, the folding newspaper competition and a Christmas gift exchange.

Here's the newspaper folding competition, where 2 people in one team had to stand in an area dictated by the newspaper they were standing on. Each round, the paper was folded in half, so the team had to think of creative ways to keep themselves inside the newspaper without stepping out:
folding paper game

He ain't heavy, he's my brother (not!)
lee and cubex

Some forummers brought their Nintendo DS Lite to play, and they set themselves up in a corner of the room to do just that:
NDSL corner

Charades, where the team members have to pass the message to the next member without using words, just body language, and the last one has to guess the word:

Here's Shadow trying to explain to Dizzy how to use the countdown function on the phone:
dizzy and shadow

Dizzy setting up the first team member with the word:
dizzy briefing the participants

All sorts of antics by the players:
kana in charades

keong and shadow

bobidom and doridori

bakaneko and gf

rina and ling

ling and rob

Sometimes the message gets lost in transition...
rina flying kiss

lee flying kiss

dxtremex flying kiss

dxtremex flying kiss


Then all hell breaks loose:


There was even a bit of drama involving Santa Rina and shiVER, which almost turned out into a Christmas Slay, heh heh... :
rina and shiver

rina and shiver

OK, here's the update with the last of the pictahs.

The best of the gift exchange photos I can salvage from all the ones that I shot:

namor and yohoho



The pretty Custodians of Gifts:
irtea and aron

and a Merry Xmas 2007 to all of you!
sotong plushie

Yes, I received an octopus plushie in the gift exchange... (Thanks Dizzy for taking the photo)


mr-penman said…
It's a bit late, still I would like to wish you a wonderful 2007 Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2008!
LeeHng said…
belated xmas!!! n damn funny pictures!!! XD
Chucky said…
Thank you thank you :D

We should have more gatherings like this, heh heh...

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