Macro experiment

Had fun trying out the reverse-lens technique on several subjects around the house.

What I did was use my Canon 400D with the kit lens mounted with my 430EX flash, and additionally I used a 50mm F1.8 lens held in front of the kit lens, but in reverse! Ya, it is a chore trying to hold a small camera mounted with a flash in one hand while trying to hold another lens in front of the camera, but wok the heck, it is worthy of an experiment!

The first subject is a household pencil, nothing fancy:

Macro shot of pencil

The round shadow you see circling the pencil is the outline of my 50mm lens.

Next we have a shot of the point:

And a REAAAALL close up of the pencil's point:

(click on the thumbnail to see larger photo)

And then my mom found a black caterpillar crawling around outside the house a few days after I shot the pencil (ya, lazy to update blog, so what...) and here's a headshot of the little fella:

(click on the thumbnail to see larger photo)

Black caterpillar headshot

Hope I can find more interesting stuff to shoot.


Haizum said…
Uhu I like. 0_0

The caterpillar was kinda gross, but pretty at the same time.
Chucky said…
Nature stuff may seem gross, but that's how nature is :D

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