My speakers!

Argh, I finally dragged my butt off my bed and sent my speakers to the shop to be checked out.

Yup, my Creative Inspire 6.1 speakers decided to give up the ghost and died an agonising death last Sunday. I wrote to Creative to enquire about what might be wrong, so they suggested to bring the speakers to the shop where I bought it and have them take a look. So I finally did today, brought it to Picotec in Karamunsing before they closed at 3pm. So the shop assistant took down my speakers' serial number and said they'll send it to the supplier who will in turn send it to the manufacturer for testing. Oh well, as long as they take a look at it, it should be OK. Now I'll have to wait for them to diagnose the problem.

It started last Sunday. I heard some strange noise running from the left speaker to the right speaker and after that no sound. At the time, I didn't really look into it, since I was busy with something else, but when I tried to play a movie file, the sound that came from the speakers sounded "funny". So I tried to increase the volume but the sound that came out of the speakers actually became softer. After that it all went downhill. testing and probing and diagnosing on my part did not kick it back to life. Then I noticed the light on the remote control LED was very soft, almost not lighting up at all. Anyway, I've told all of this to the Picotec guy and he wrote it in the service log.

I wonder how much would it cost to fix it...



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