Scam letter in snail mail

Woah, I haven't updated this thing in a long time.
*Blows away spider webs*

We found spam/scam mail a few days ago in our regular snail mail, and here's a sample of one of the letters we got:

To summarise:
Dear sucker,

you've just won a few hundred thousand Euros from an international lottery and we would like you to claim your prize. Please contact the person below and state your reference and batch number in your correspondence. Please do it quickly because the money will revert back to the Ministry of Economy and Property if it is not claimed by a certain date (in a few weeks time). Please keep this quiet because this is a security precaution to prevent double claims and etc...

There's also a form that the recipient of this letter that needs to be filled out and faxed to the fellow in the letter.

We found 2 of these letters in the mail, claiming that the recipient won the lottery, from 2 different lotteries! Wow, I wish I was that luck to win!

When the first letter arrived, I knew it had all the hallmarks of a scam, but by the time the 2nd letter arrived, it confirmed that this is a scam!

So all you people out there, better look out for your family members who are not so savvy in these matters, and may get taken in by these scammers.


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