Tax time

Today I went to the Lembaga Hasil dalam Negeri (Inland Revenue Board) to fill up my tax returns for the first time.

I reached their spanking new building near Sacred Heart Cathedral in the afternoon, with a hint of rain starting to appear. Went into the parking inside the LHDN compound because there was not many cars around. Usually the place will be packed with cars all around if you come on a weekday.

Anyway, parked the car and headed inside the building. The ground floor was deserted except for a guard or two. OK, that means I have to go upstairs to the customer service area. It was quite empty . So I ambled up to the ticket counter and got my ticket, and 10 seconds later my number was called. Talk about a slow afternoon for them.

I explained to the officer who attended to me that this was my first time filling up the tax form, so she was kind enough to walk me through the whole process. The for was all online, since they rolled out the "e-failing" last year.

All in all it was quite a painless process, plus I get a nice printout of what was entered in my tax form. I would estimate ingress and egress from the building took about 30 minutes.

Death and taxes...


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