Molar extraction

Today was the day I became not so "wise", you see, I just had one of my Wisdom teeth pulled out because it was rotting away. So I'm left with 3 more in my jaws. I guess they were called wisdom teeth because they only come out when a person reaches their mid 20s, so that person should be considered "Wise" enough. Anyway, for fans of trivia, these teeth are also referred to as Eye-teeth. No idea why they're called that.

Anyway, I asked the doctor to give me my tooth because I want to take a look at it. at first glance, it seems that 2 or more of the roots have fused into one major root, because all I could see were 2 roots. I'll examine it further tomorrow when I have more time and after I get my camera (heh heh), maybe we can try out some 3D teeth pics (yuck! I hear some of you say)

Charged me RM80 (ouch! says my pocket )


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