SLI anyone?

Haha, long time no post, was getting lazy these few weeks. But back to the matter at hand. When you get something good, you will treasure it. You will probably hold it in reverence and love, as the pleasure that you get from it is just what you were looking for. But then, you feel there is some hidden potential in the treasure that you hold, and so you polish it, nurture it, so that it can realise its full potential.

After reaching its full potential, you still have the urge to push your treasure to a higher level, but the strain that shows on your treasure makes you apprehensive, for you know that if you push your treasure over the edge, you will never see it again. So how do you solve this dilemma? Why, give it a mate, of course!

Now what the h3ll was all that about?!!! OK, I was talking about my graphic card, if you haven't already guessed from the title of the post. I finally got a second card to pair with my NVIDIA GeForce 6800GS. The original card that I have came from Galaxy, but this second card which I bought from a forum member in is made by MSI (Thanks ryugan!).

From the oxidation on the card, I know this is a well used card. From the outside, I would have to say it looks exactly like the card I first bought, but of course the picture on the heatsink is different. The forum member let go of his card for RM560, including postage, since he was looking for a better card, I guess. The only heartbreaking thing is that for around RM450-RM500, you can get a brand new card which can more or less be on par with the 6800GS. Oh well, what to do? It's either get a matching 6800GS or upgrade to something else faster, but then I'll still have an extra PCI-E slot collecting dust.

OK, here's some benchmarks:

CPU: AMD64 3500+ OC to 2.4 GHz (moderate overclock)

GFX in SLI mode: 498/1250 MHz

3DMark 2006 score: 4479 (3547)

3DMark 2005 score: 9378 (7960)

3DMark 2003 score: 21239 (18843)

* Numbers in brackets show graphic card at stock speeds, but CPU still OC to 2.4GHz

As a comparison, the scores for 3DMark for single card, stock speeds on everything are as follows:

3DMark 2006 score: NA

3DMark 2005 score: 5030

3DMark 2003 score: 11164

Anyway, Now gaming at 1280x1024 should be a breeze, with most of the eye-candy switched on. Screenshots will be added later...


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