New Amp

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This is the amplifier that I just bought today. Not very big but should be loud enough to annoy the neighbours if I wanted to. This baby comes with a pre and post amp, equaliser, plus some reverb! Quite a good deal considering how much I paid for it. Now all I have to do is to get enough time to practice.

The wires you see on the left side of the amp are actually telephone wires that have crocodile clips at their ends. I'm using it to ground the amp because there's a lot of hiss if it's not grounded.


Filisia said…
Hi dear

Saw your so called "mini amp".. Hehehe... hope you enjoy practicing. Compose a song for me then. Hehehe
Chucky said…
Hmm, if I composed a song using this amp, you may need earplugs to listen to the song, heh heh...

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