Streamyx package for Desperate People

On a whim, I decided to calculate how much a person had to pay when using TMNet's latest broadband package (as of this posting), which is the Streamyx Basic 384K which users need to pay RM20.00 per month for 10 hours usage. Subsequently, users will be billed 5 sen per extra minute, so that comes to RM0.05 x 60 minutes = RM3.00 per hour.
Here is a picture to compare with the other packages:

Latest pricing can be seen here.

I also did a comparison between the RM20 package vs. the RM44 package to see the charges at different usage.

At RM20.00 for 10 hours per month = RM2.00 per hour
At RM 0.05 per minute for additional usage = RM3.00 per additional hour
It would seem that TMNet is levying cyber cafe type of charges for home users who subscribe to this package.

For the RM44.00 package: 60 hours per month = RM0.73 per hour
At RM0.01 per minute for additional usage = RM0.60 per additional hour

Hours of useRM20 PackageRM44 Package

So if a RM20 subscriber forgot to turn off their modem and left in on for a month, they would expect to pay RM2150.00! Ouch!


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