Lousy earphones


I bought these earphones during the PC fair recently and it broke after only 4 days of usage!!!
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The culprit is the flimsy plastic pin that hinges the speaker to the headband. I wonder who is the idiot who designed this piece of crap. Maybe it is a knock-off of a better design but using substandard parts, I have no way of verifying it. See below:

I'm going to go get it replaced, hopefully with another model, this weekend because it seems the company selling these earphones closes early on weekdays.


***UPDATE*** 2005 Dec 19

OK, managed to get them to change the said headphones to another model which looks a bit more solid. Been using these headphones for about 2 weeks and they haven't fallen to pieces yet. But now I'm regretting purchasing these headphones... for a few more ringgit I could have bought REAL audiophile headphones instead of these "vibration" headphones. Note to self: do not buy consumer goods from a computer shop unless it has something to do with the computer's innards.


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