What kinda bill is this?

OK, here's something that would really piss off anyone.
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This bill came in yesterday, courtesy of TM, and it is charging my phone line (under my father's name actually) for Streamyx connection. The first thing that entered my mind was WTF? OK, so that wasn't very helpful. My next thought was: maybe it was some kind of billing error. My dad will try and see what kind of problem this is in a few days time when I get my printouts of my bill payments for him.

At first glance, the bill would seem to say that I haven't paid a single sen of my Streamyx connection since the day I was a subscriber. I am subscribed to the 512/256 upload/download package which is RM 66.00 per month for unlimited access. This package doesn't come with a modem. I have been diligently paying the fees, and the only discrepancy was maybe sometimes I delayed payment for a month and then paid for two months later on. OK, for those who are mathematically inclined, but too lazy to do the calculations, that would mean I have paid (since Dec 2003) RM 1386.00, or RM 66.00 x 21 months. The bill of RM4226.73 would mean I needed to pay about RM 201.25 every month for 21 months.

Now all we need to do is see what kind of gremlin was responsible for this kind of bill.

***Update 30 Sept 2005***
It seems we were not the only one affected by the "extra" charges in our telephone bill. When my father went to enquire about our outrageous bill, there were other people whom were facing the same problem. The TM teller said that it was probably some error caused by the new program or something like that. OK, alls well that ends well. Let us see what else pops up in next month's bill...


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