Thursday, 27 January 2011

Streamyx OK?

Alright, I switched off my modem this morning on my way to work after leaving it on for the weekend. Results from the weekend: no disconnection at all since Saturday, and today is Thursday, so around 5 or was it 6 days without disconnection.

Now, having just switched on the modem after returning from work (around 5:30pm), it seems to be fine, and I hope it is fine. I think they (TM) tried calling me today, but I was unable to answer my phone in time before it got routed to voicemail. I just hope they were calling to tell me that all is well with my connection.

The next test is tonight, when I will power cycle my modem and see what happens, whether I can get a proper connection again.

OK, connection sux, experiment yielded expected results.
Conclusion: Need to keep modem on for the whole night.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Streamyx still not OK 2

OK, since the last post, I didn't switch off the Linksys modem router for the whole weekend, and it didn't disconnect at all (once it got an IP on Saturday morning). It was still the same IP the last time I checked. But tomorrow I'm gonna try and do a reboot when I get home and see what happens.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

streamyx still not OK

I tried to switch off the modem for the day, and only switched it on when I returned from work at around 6pm, 21 Jan 2011. Connection was unstable, and kept disconnecting like crazy, unlike the previous day where it was almost rock solid.

Now I'm gonna keep the modem on for the whole weekend and see what happens. I'm hoping to keep the modem on until Tuesday to see the turnout.

On another note, I actually got an IP with the ending of zero, which I thought was unuseable. But it seems to be valid, for a little while at least. I thought zero was kinda reserved or something?

Oh well, need to complain again, since the promised date of resolution has passed.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Streamyx ok or not?

Went to TM Point on 28 Dec 2010 to register a billing dispute, 'cos I'm not gonna pay for something that is not up to standard. Showed the customer service personnel my SMS from the technician stating the problems would be resolved by the 16th of Jan (2011), then got a bit drenched going back to the car.

Current day:
Line seemed to be OK on Monday, 17 Jan and right now, 18 Jan - able to connect without any hiccups.

No sign of disconnection so far.

I wonder can do KF or not tonight? LOL!

Connection was a disaster. Kept disconnecting every few minutes. Sometimes it stays connected for 10-15 minutes, but it would still disconnect. Couldn't play anything online properly, haven't even got my Internet things done.

I have a feeling my line is still massively congested.