Monday, 24 May 2010

Salvage crappy shots

Notice sometimes how your digital camera's white balance is not so smart (my way of saying it is f***ing stupid) when you take the shot, and you happen to have a nice shot, just that the colour is a bit off? Well, you can try and salvage it using photo editing tools like Adobe photoshop, GIMP, Picasa etc... to try to get the colour you want, or you can always chicken out and convert it into black and white LOL.

I'm not saying that people who choose to convert their shots into black and white are Gallus gallus domesticus. It is a valid technique because sometime we're sick of looking at colour photos and we just want to see the shapes on the object and not be distracted by the colour.

On that matter, I'll leave you with this photo. I'm gonna call it Happy Diner, unless you can think of a better caption for it :D

Happy Diner

P.S. I always liked her hair, it's so shiny :D

Friday, 21 May 2010

Bird strike, and I am not a pilot

I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business when a bird decided to go one-on-one with the window pane at my office. Result: Window 1, bird 0. Luckily it didn't come back for round 2.

I still can't figure out why the bird just whacked into the window. Was it confused? Was it chasing after it's dinner? Was it sick? Was it a suicide dive bomber?

Anyway, it did leave a mark on the window:

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

When is a pirate not a pirate?

Hi there boys and girls, here's the first instalment of The Daily Lulz - stuff that I find funny or deserving of a *facepalm* award.

First, lets look at this excerpt from a local newspaper (which was published on Wednesday, 12 May 2010)
Here's the original article.

The main thing that caught my eye is the byline which states: "Naval commander says culprits are not pirates but sea robbers".

OK, when you think of pirates, what do they do? Don't they rob people at sea? The naval commander goes on to say that:

...the incidents off Sandakan were not the work of pirates.

"There is no piracy in our waters unlike in the peninsula - they are only sea robberies," ... "piracy and sea robberies have two different meanings - the people have been quoted wrongly."

The article does not mention anything about the commander clarifying the "misquote", nor offering an explanation on the difference between a pirate and a sea robber.

Some of the definitions of a Pirate from the web did return statements such as: "someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation".

Does anyone know how to differentiate between the two? Does it have something to do with the size of the target, or what? Ayam confused...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Teacher's Day gift

Got this last week from a few students that were (I'm guessing) giving them out to all the teachers in the school.

Chocolate chip cookies, and I think it was home made. Quite tasty, and managed to stave off starvation with it on Sunday morning. There were actually 2 cookies in the package. I ate one on Sunday, and... I think the other one is in the fridge.

Not forgetting: happy feast day of St. John Babtist De La Salle, patron saint of teachers (supposed to be 15 May, but oh well...)