Wednesday, 20 February 2008

CSP Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Clickstartplay organised a private photoshoot recently with the theme: "Alice in Wonderland".
The venue was at Likas Park (the jogging trail around the lake) on a Sunday to accommodate the members who have regular jobs.

This was before the photoshoot, while waiting for everyone to arrive.
smiling kichan and sakura

naughty sakura

dias lean on tree

After everyone arrived (at around 11:30 something...) we all went into the park.

Here's the White rabbit:
rina rabbit

White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat:
cat and rabbit

Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
tweedle dum and dee

Here's Alice!
sakura and dizzy

Each trying to get a piece of Alice:
tug of war

Now they're going after infrastructure!
Dee and Dum

I offered me shades to the White Rabbit, but they're not Cool enough.
rina blues

Hiding from the authorities?
rina hiding

Showing his claws:

Alice trying to look for her companions...
Alice looking back

Out of theme photo. Oh well, I still like this one :D

Queen in a good mood...
smiling queen

Queen in a NASTY mood... *gulp*
frowning quen

Queen of Hearts giving Alice the evil eye
Queen vs Alice

Even the March Hare was shocked by this scene:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee trying to play a prank on the queen...

but gets a mega dose of hurtin' in return.

Running after the fauna in the park...
sakura run

Walking back to the cars after the shoot:

Shadow's hand is "almost" touching the Queen's hand from this angle.

Nice shoes

And finally the cosplayers and crew that took part:
group photo

Hope I didn't kil your browser with all the photos.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Dizzy's farewell party

Today was KC and Dizzy's farewell / Rob's birthday dinner bash at McDonalds Api Api. People were supposed to show up at 7.00 p.m. (Sabah time).

Kanariya brought some chocolate hearts (which I only ate a few days later) and everyone had a lot of fun.


I will elaborate further when I am awake enough... zzz

Updates: OK, here are a few more photos for your amusement:
rob and pinky

Here's the unbirthday boy on the left, since he had to use his name to book the place.
unbirthday boy

Dinner is bought by yourselves!!!
Dinner table

Dinner table

Here's Dxtremex slowly getting attached to Rina's NDSL. NOOOOOOooo!!! Not another one....
DX bored

I think this is Sleepywolf gesticulating with a french fry in his hand to a not-so-amused-looking Rina:
Rina and fries

So, with most of the relevant people around, they decided to bring up the cake.
blowing candles
Since KC couldn't make it, cubex was standing in for him. :D Well, this was supposed to be a "Farewell KC and Dizzy / Rob birthday / Penman CSP 1st gathering"...

Dias was also passing around Valentine's Day chocolates...
chocolate hearts

I'm not gonna comment...
penpen and toytoy

Jna and Dizzy:
joanna and esther

A whole bunch of cute ones :D
sakuya, chiak, jna and dizzy

Dizzy eating chocolate kawaii pose again:
dizzy eating chocolate cake

along with her gift mushroom on a stick:
dizzy and mushroom

Doridori decided to make the place a bit more localised, so he changed the sign a bit:
dori and his creation

Next table hosted the movie shooting discussion group:
movie discussion

Is there something more they're getting out of the aircon vents other than cool air?
watch the aircon

Something strange is going on here...
sleepywilf weird movement

Thanks Massy for the pic:
rina and chucky

That's all folks!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Ah, Chinese New Year is here, and this year is the year of the Rat.

Hope everyone has a prosperous new year.

And sorry for snapping at you (you know who you are...)

Drat, this year is getting crappier and crappier :(

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Mind is numb

Argh, my mind is numb from all the stuff that cropped up at work. Almost Chinese New Year, but it seems we are extra busy...

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out, but that would just make me look funny.

Lets hope I can go through this CNY without destroying anything valuable :P