Photoshoot with 540

Oh boy, oh joy! I'm on leave today and I should be feeling relaxed, except for the bombshell news by the government of fuel price hike of roughly 40-60% last night. I'll leave that for other bloggers and media to chew through. Today, I'm just trying to relax by going on a photoshoot with a friend called 540. Yes, that's her name (sort of...)

We all had a fun time... there was 540 (of course), massy, doridori, hellstorm_undernet and fallenone at the beach in the morning.


After that we went to have lunch at an eatery in Kompleks Asia City, and continued the photoshoot in a hotel. Too bad fallenone couldn't join in the afternoon shoot.

Pics are pending authorisation before they are released to you guys to view. :D


maslight said…
yah!!!! i wanna see photos!!!!

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