Sunday, 27 April 2008

Gayang Seafood outing

Oh, I had a fun outing to eat seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant (err... I wonder if this is the proper name of the place) yesterday. It is situated quite near to Salut Seafood Restaurant (another place / rival, maybe?) in Menggatal.

First off, I was kinda late knocking off from work (around 1:30pm) because there was a function going on at school. So I went to City Mall to pick up a couple of people (Fallenone and Dizzy, yay she's back, for the moment) and we went on our merry way.

Getting to Gayang was kinda easy with Fallenone's guidance, and upon reaching there we found that Hellstorm (Hellbear!) Sleepywolf and Dxtremex already had their fill (burp?). This was past 2pm.

OK, time to meet our food. We had steamed prawns, Tung Fung Lo (literal translation: East wind snail?) and some kinda crab? I can't recall... Oh, and one plate of fried meehoon.

Later, Doridori, Mas and Kuma-chan came and completed the circle of eating, and Mas ordered the target of her entire trip: Fried soft shell crab. Not bad, the fried whachamacallit floss (izzit butter?) surrounding the crabs was kinda oily, but nice.

After the feasting, everyone went their separate ways, and I had trouble eating dinner after that because we finished eating seafood at around 4pm. Talk about a long lunch.

Some of the group that went eating :D

For more food pictures, go and look at Maslight's take on it.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Tax time again

I went to fill in my tax form today at the Inland Revenue Board building next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Since I went after 6 pm, there weren't many people in there. Downstairs was closed, since they do the collection downstairs, and they only collect during office hours. Took me about 10 minutes of waiting, and another 5 minutes of filling up the online form before submitting.

The reason I went there instead of doing it online at home was because I was not sure what exact figure to put in for the income. Last year, I think the lady who guided me through the process included the employer's contribution into my income, that's why my income amount was a weird number. Frankly I didn't know what last year's lady was doing with the calculator...

Anyway, this year was quite straight forward, no fancy calculator gymnastics or anything. And if you really must know, I don't qualify to be taxed.

Until next year...

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

How to kill ants

Here's an interesting way to kill ants:

  1. Buy a bottle of Listerine - orange flavoured
  2. Use Listerine and keep bottle on shelf near some ants
  3. ...
  4. Profit!


No, seriously, the orange flavoured Listerine has been a bit problematic, since the ants think it is edible. I'm guessing that the ants smelled the orange flavour and came looking for fresh fruit. Unfortunately, after drinking said "fresh fruit juice", they stagger and die where they're standing.


Note to self: buy ori flavour next time...

Sunday, 20 April 2008

KK Freeze

OK, everybody FREEZE!

Freeze at City Mall

No, this is not a stick up, heh heh. This was an event in City Mall tonight. Everyone was supposed to freeze for 5 minutes in conjunction with World Earth Day.

Everyone was supposed to freeze and not move a muscle for the duration. They had to stay in whatever pose they're doing for the duration so some people tried walking mid-stride, some tooke the easy way and leaned on pillars (you know who you are), some were using gadgets like portable game players, some even held flowers :D

The organiser (Doridori, pictured below) had the help of the City Mall management to organise the Freeze, which was also held in KL at the same time.

Here's the group photo of some of the Freezers:

There's more coverage here at Jacq's site.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Coincidence or higher power at work?

Wow, this blog is gathering dust, I should really update more, but too busy and too wiped out most days to blog on anything.

Anyway, I'll just relate an incident that happened to me this afternoon:

Background: First of all, there was a function going on at work at around 11 something in the morning, and they had some catered food for the attendees. One kind hearted soul decided to send some food down to us at the IT department since there was some extra, but unfortunately I already went home for lunch. When I got back to the office, there was a plate of mee and some cakes on my table, waiting to be eaten. Too bad I was stuffed to the brim to eat anything.

At first, there were some thought of "Aww, crap. What am I gonna do with this food, since I can't eat any more? Am I gonna have to dump these into the rubbish bin?". But later, a thought struck me: "Hey, maybe I can give this to someone who hasn't eaten lunch..."

So I went over to the school hall (I had to be the photographer during the PTA meeting today) hoping to bump into someone who was hungry, and lo and behold, I met the school gardener who was just about to take a lunch break. So I asked her if she's eaten lunch, and she said she's gonna have the half cup of white jelly as her lunch. So... I offered her the plate of mee which was sitting on my table in my office. She said OK, so I trudged all the way back to my office and grab the plate of mee for her. So my main problem for the day was solved. The small cakes that were part of the lunch package was taken home to be eaten at a later time, bwahahaha...

So, was it coincidence, or did the Big Guy in heaven plan all of this out? I would think it was the latter.