Saturday, 25 February 2006

My new rig

Today (or more like yesterday, since it is already past midnight) the last piece of my new computer system (henceforth known as the rig) arrived late in the afternoon. The Dell 1704FPT 17" LCD monitor has arrived, along with the free Targus mouse. It is funny, they decided to deliver the monitor to the office (the shipping address) on the very day that I decided to take leave. Now I can pump up to 1280 x 1024 pixels of resolution. Anyway, here's the rig that I assembled:

  • CPU: AMD 64 3500+ @ 2.2 GHz (Venice) Socket 939
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte K8NSLI
  • Graphic card: Galaxy NV6800 GS 256Mb 256-bit DDR3 w/HDTV/DVI
  • Monitor: Dell 17" monitor with DVI input (see above)
  • RAM: 1 x 1 Gig Corsair DDR400
  • Power supply unit: Acbel PS2 550W iPower
  • Hard disk: Western Digital 160Gb SATA-II
  • Optical drive: Benq 16x DW1640 DVD-burner
  • Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 (got this long time ago)
  • Floppy disk: NONE! :D
and misc stuff like mouse, keyboard, ventilation fans etc...

Total cost of the rig: in the region of RM4600+, probably close to 5K. Waaahh!!!!

My camera is back in town

Huff, huff. My camera is finally back from being serviced. The CCD connector failed in my camera. It seems that my camera is not the only one affected by this problem: Canon announced that this problem stems from the batch of defective CCD connectors that landed in a whole range of their camera products. All the details are in the link.

So far so good, the camera seems to be working fine. Now I can continue with the shooting of innocent birds and various wildlife around the garden.