Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Solid guitar case

I finally got a solid case for my guitar on Sunday. Got it quite cheap from a friend. Now I can finally stop worrying about having the guitar bumped or scratched whenever I transport it around.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Dax Rudolf

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This is a real shock! Today I attended the funeral services of an old classmate of mine. Dax Rudolf Juming will always be remembered as a good friend, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but most of all, a good person.

Here are the details of what I picked up from friends and the eulogy:
Born: 14 July 1978.
Studied in SRK Sacred Heart and SM La Salle (we were classmates most of the time).
Graduated as a qualified accountant.
Got married on 5th November 2005 to Jennifer Lyne Majawin.
Just started a new job in Labuan last week.
Had a medical checkup saying he was OK from the doc.
His mom tried to call him up on Saturday, but no answer from him.
Mom tried again on Sunday, still no answer, so mom called a friend to check up on him. (I think this was Arthur).
When they found him, he was already gone, and the body was cold.
So the doctors who examined him placed the cause of death as sleep apnea.

I do not want to repeat the eulogy too much, but it is true that Dax was on the threshold of the beginning of life, for he had made many plans for the future. There were many tears of grief that filled the cathedral today, all of which came from people surprised at the suddeness of his passing. He will be missed terribly, not only for the joy he has brought to the ones around him, but also for the many things that could have been.

May his soul rest in peace...

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Zombie behind bars

[Scary moan] Who dares disturb the slumber of *koff* *koff* [/Scary moan] aww the heck with it.

I've really been neglecting to post anything interesting here for the past couple of months. Just a little update then: We got new security bars for the kitchen! Plus we got rid of the useless cooking hood that doesn't seem to work well with our style of cooking. Pics will be forthcoming. Now gotta go and continue my slumber...

Edit: here's the new door + mosquito net and part of the window grille: