Thursday, 21 December 2006

Fogging Exercise

This evening, just as the mosquitos were about to come out and play, they were blown away by these guys with the fogging machines:

The foggers totally smoked the whole area around my taman. Now my floor tiles in my house feel greasy from the chemical. I heard they use a mixture of diesel and insecticide to do the fogging. It totally stinks, but the guys doing the fogging aren't even using masks!

Oh well, lets hope the mosquitos will be gone for a few days.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Water mouse 2

Hmm, another mouse bites the dust. Just a few months after the warranty of this mouse ran out, so did the LED. The main LED for sensing movement is on the fritz, sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesn't.

I should have suspected the quality of the mouse because the shop that sold the mouse only gave a 2 month warranty on it. So the moral of the story is: caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

Original water mouse entry here.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Final Fantasy VII

This is just a record to state that I have just finished playing Final Fantasy VII (that's 7 for those who don't read Roman, heh heh). The reason I'm playing a 9 year old game was to get the back-story for the movie FF7-Advent's Children (I think that's the title) which came out Earlier this year, or was it last year?

Anyway, the last battle was f****ing long! I think I started that one at around 2 something and it only finished at around 5 something, roughly 3 hours, in the morning.

The whole battle needs to be done in one go. No saving after you start the fighting. No wonder I heard rumours of people wanting to strangle gae developers because of this. If you are not prepared for the battle, you have to start all over again. Luckily I managed to finish it in my first sitting. I don't think I want to subject myself to that kind of torture again.

Saturday, 9 September 2006

Molar extraction

Today was the day I became not so "wise", you see, I just had one of my Wisdom teeth pulled out because it was rotting away. So I'm left with 3 more in my jaws. I guess they were called wisdom teeth because they only come out when a person reaches their mid 20s, so that person should be considered "Wise" enough. Anyway, for fans of trivia, these teeth are also referred to as Eye-teeth. No idea why they're called that.

Anyway, I asked the doctor to give me my tooth because I want to take a look at it. at first glance, it seems that 2 or more of the roots have fused into one major root, because all I could see were 2 roots. I'll examine it further tomorrow when I have more time and after I get my camera (heh heh), maybe we can try out some 3D teeth pics (yuck! I hear some of you say)

Charged me RM80 (ouch! says my pocket )

Finally the cheque arrives

After terminating my Celcom line, it takes the almost 1 1/2 years to issue the cheque to refund me my RM200+ deposit. I just received the cheque 2 days ago... but I terminated my line in April 2005. They're really desperate to hang on to your money...

Sunday, 30 July 2006

SLI anyone?

Haha, long time no post, was getting lazy these few weeks. But back to the matter at hand. When you get something good, you will treasure it. You will probably hold it in reverence and love, as the pleasure that you get from it is just what you were looking for. But then, you feel there is some hidden potential in the treasure that you hold, and so you polish it, nurture it, so that it can realise its full potential.

After reaching its full potential, you still have the urge to push your treasure to a higher level, but the strain that shows on your treasure makes you apprehensive, for you know that if you push your treasure over the edge, you will never see it again. So how do you solve this dilemma? Why, give it a mate, of course!

Now what the h3ll was all that about?!!! OK, I was talking about my graphic card, if you haven't already guessed from the title of the post. I finally got a second card to pair with my NVIDIA GeForce 6800GS. The original card that I have came from Galaxy, but this second card which I bought from a forum member in is made by MSI (Thanks ryugan!).

From the oxidation on the card, I know this is a well used card. From the outside, I would have to say it looks exactly like the card I first bought, but of course the picture on the heatsink is different. The forum member let go of his card for RM560, including postage, since he was looking for a better card, I guess. The only heartbreaking thing is that for around RM450-RM500, you can get a brand new card which can more or less be on par with the 6800GS. Oh well, what to do? It's either get a matching 6800GS or upgrade to something else faster, but then I'll still have an extra PCI-E slot collecting dust.

OK, here's some benchmarks:

CPU: AMD64 3500+ OC to 2.4 GHz (moderate overclock)

GFX in SLI mode: 498/1250 MHz

3DMark 2006 score: 4479 (3547)

3DMark 2005 score: 9378 (7960)

3DMark 2003 score: 21239 (18843)

* Numbers in brackets show graphic card at stock speeds, but CPU still OC to 2.4GHz

As a comparison, the scores for 3DMark for single card, stock speeds on everything are as follows:

3DMark 2006 score: NA

3DMark 2005 score: 5030

3DMark 2003 score: 11164

Anyway, Now gaming at 1280x1024 should be a breeze, with most of the eye-candy switched on. Screenshots will be added later...

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Job Interview

Just attended an interview today. Heh heh, maybe I put my price a little too high for their tastes. It seems the company was looking to hire a computer technician / general worker, a post that one of my friends vacated a few months ago. My friend's compalint was that the pay was very low and he had to do lots of things that were out of his job scope. Well, some companies dotend to drive their workers to do extra work... But still, I have an uneasy feeling about this company, as if there are some bad vibes coming from the atmosphere around the company.

Friday, 14 July 2006

Fourteenth day of the Seventh month

Today, in the Gregorian calendar, (the one everyone's using now) it is July the 14th. Not a very significant day for anyone here, but if you change it to the Chinese calendar, the 14th day of the 7th month is the Hungry Ghost Festival. OK, just to clear things up, the Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the Chinese 14th day of the 7th month, so July 14 this year is only the 19th day of the 6th month.

The thing I want to highlight here is that this year has two (yes, 2) 7th month in the Chinese calendar. So theoretically this year there will be TWO Hungry Ghost Festivals. That means "they" can come out to eat, drink and be merry twice this year. I don't know if there will be two celebrations or not, but this like partytime x 2. Just a thought...

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Canon Seminar PhotoShoot

I had the opportunity to attend a seminar organised by Canon last Sunday at the Magellan, Sutera Harbour Resort. I think it was to introduce the EOS system to newbies, but you need some camera knowledge to understand quite a lot of the things that the 2 speakers were talking about. Anyways, the seminar was from 9 to 5, and we were provided free lunch too! Food was quite nice, especially the chocolate cake (yummy!!!).

The speakers introduced two of Canon's latest camera models: the EOS 5D and 30D, both of which costs a lot of money (which good camera doesn't?). In conjunction with this event, a photo contest was also organised, and the subjects of the photo contest were the models that were available after lunch. The photo shoot was done around the poolside area, facing the beach. Some of the models also got down to the rocks to pose. When the models made their appearance, the place started to heat up! Here's a sample:

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More photos coming later...

Nah, more photos:


plant growth


There were many photographers who came for the event:

and they had lots of nice equipment :D

OK, OK, more pics for you:










Yes, some of them were wearing coloured contacts:










Don't you guys wish you were that water bottle?






Sunday, 25 June 2006

New Amp

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This is the amplifier that I just bought today. Not very big but should be loud enough to annoy the neighbours if I wanted to. This baby comes with a pre and post amp, equaliser, plus some reverb! Quite a good deal considering how much I paid for it. Now all I have to do is to get enough time to practice.

The wires you see on the left side of the amp are actually telephone wires that have crocodile clips at their ends. I'm using it to ground the amp because there's a lot of hiss if it's not grounded.

Monday, 29 May 2006

Water mouse

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Here's an image of the mouse I bought to replace the one at home that was suffering from old age. Suffice to say that it can be an eye catching piece of computer equipment as long as the person has not seen one before. If I have time I'll put a video of it changing colours when it is on.

Saturday, 13 May 2006

Streamyx package for Desperate People

On a whim, I decided to calculate how much a person had to pay when using TMNet's latest broadband package (as of this posting), which is the Streamyx Basic 384K which users need to pay RM20.00 per month for 10 hours usage. Subsequently, users will be billed 5 sen per extra minute, so that comes to RM0.05 x 60 minutes = RM3.00 per hour.
Here is a picture to compare with the other packages:

Latest pricing can be seen here.

I also did a comparison between the RM20 package vs. the RM44 package to see the charges at different usage.

At RM20.00 for 10 hours per month = RM2.00 per hour
At RM 0.05 per minute for additional usage = RM3.00 per additional hour
It would seem that TMNet is levying cyber cafe type of charges for home users who subscribe to this package.

For the RM44.00 package: 60 hours per month = RM0.73 per hour
At RM0.01 per minute for additional usage = RM0.60 per additional hour

Hours of useRM20 PackageRM44 Package

So if a RM20 subscriber forgot to turn off their modem and left in on for a month, they would expect to pay RM2150.00! Ouch!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Crazy Semester ahead

This academic semester I'm gonna

  1. suffer
  2. die or
  3. both
Four (4) subjects to teach this semester, and additional stuff to do. How is my brain going to cope, I wonder...

Saturday, 8 April 2006

BBQ at hostel

The college students residing in the hostel organised a BBQ dinner to celebrate the end of the semester, start of hell (exams) and also as a sending off party for the ones going off to ICM in Nilai. Food was OK, but I didn't get many photos. One of the nicer ones I managed to grab was this one:

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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Solid guitar case

I finally got a solid case for my guitar on Sunday. Got it quite cheap from a friend. Now I can finally stop worrying about having the guitar bumped or scratched whenever I transport it around.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Dax Rudolf

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is a real shock! Today I attended the funeral services of an old classmate of mine. Dax Rudolf Juming will always be remembered as a good friend, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but most of all, a good person.

Here are the details of what I picked up from friends and the eulogy:
Born: 14 July 1978.
Studied in SRK Sacred Heart and SM La Salle (we were classmates most of the time).
Graduated as a qualified accountant.
Got married on 5th November 2005 to Jennifer Lyne Majawin.
Just started a new job in Labuan last week.
Had a medical checkup saying he was OK from the doc.
His mom tried to call him up on Saturday, but no answer from him.
Mom tried again on Sunday, still no answer, so mom called a friend to check up on him. (I think this was Arthur).
When they found him, he was already gone, and the body was cold.
So the doctors who examined him placed the cause of death as sleep apnea.

I do not want to repeat the eulogy too much, but it is true that Dax was on the threshold of the beginning of life, for he had made many plans for the future. There were many tears of grief that filled the cathedral today, all of which came from people surprised at the suddeness of his passing. He will be missed terribly, not only for the joy he has brought to the ones around him, but also for the many things that could have been.

May his soul rest in peace...

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Zombie behind bars

[Scary moan] Who dares disturb the slumber of *koff* *koff* [/Scary moan] aww the heck with it.

I've really been neglecting to post anything interesting here for the past couple of months. Just a little update then: We got new security bars for the kitchen! Plus we got rid of the useless cooking hood that doesn't seem to work well with our style of cooking. Pics will be forthcoming. Now gotta go and continue my slumber...

Edit: here's the new door + mosquito net and part of the window grille:

Saturday, 25 February 2006

My new rig

Today (or more like yesterday, since it is already past midnight) the last piece of my new computer system (henceforth known as the rig) arrived late in the afternoon. The Dell 1704FPT 17" LCD monitor has arrived, along with the free Targus mouse. It is funny, they decided to deliver the monitor to the office (the shipping address) on the very day that I decided to take leave. Now I can pump up to 1280 x 1024 pixels of resolution. Anyway, here's the rig that I assembled:

  • CPU: AMD 64 3500+ @ 2.2 GHz (Venice) Socket 939
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte K8NSLI
  • Graphic card: Galaxy NV6800 GS 256Mb 256-bit DDR3 w/HDTV/DVI
  • Monitor: Dell 17" monitor with DVI input (see above)
  • RAM: 1 x 1 Gig Corsair DDR400
  • Power supply unit: Acbel PS2 550W iPower
  • Hard disk: Western Digital 160Gb SATA-II
  • Optical drive: Benq 16x DW1640 DVD-burner
  • Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 (got this long time ago)
  • Floppy disk: NONE! :D
and misc stuff like mouse, keyboard, ventilation fans etc...

Total cost of the rig: in the region of RM4600+, probably close to 5K. Waaahh!!!!

My camera is back in town

Huff, huff. My camera is finally back from being serviced. The CCD connector failed in my camera. It seems that my camera is not the only one affected by this problem: Canon announced that this problem stems from the batch of defective CCD connectors that landed in a whole range of their camera products. All the details are in the link.

So far so good, the camera seems to be working fine. Now I can continue with the shooting of innocent birds and various wildlife around the garden.

Friday, 13 January 2006

Happy New Year

A happy new year to everyone. This is a special year because there is going to be 3 new year celebrations this month:

  • Gregorian New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Muslim New Year
Might as well do the greetings in between the various new years.

P.S. Today is Friday the 13th... spooky moon out tonight, but the heat is a killer...