Sunday, 24 July 2005

Finally bought a new mattress

After waking up at 11.30 am and making sure that the video encoding job I started early this morning was OK, we all went for brunch at the shop where the Penang lady sells her special mee soup somewhere in Lintas Square. The food there was excellent as usual, too bad I can't say the same for the "Tung Ga Liong Cha". Later Proceeded to Karamunsing to buy the mattress. Settled for the queen sized 8" height mattresss, for RM 450. Supposed to be anti- dust mites and anti fungus, with a 12 year warranty. They'll probably deliver it in a few days time, if there's no rain.

Saturday, 23 July 2005

Another crazy Saturday

I wonder why most Saturdays are crazy? For the past few weeks, there's always something unexpected happening on a Saturday. Take for example today. I was happily getting into the car to go to work when suddenly a phone call shakes me out of autopilot. It seems that the bunch of students that were supposed to have the HTML training were not interested in HTML because most of them already knew the fundamentals of HTML. They want to learn something more. So the guys at the office suggested I teach them Swish. OK, i agreed, but I was wondering what to teach them because I don't have a game plan in mind. Having only 5 hours of sleep the previous night did not help either.

Reaching the office in cats and dogs weather condition, I proceeded to help with the installation of Swish. After that, I just taught them the basics, what is the timeline, what you can import, how to jump from one scene to another. None of the advanced effects because I myself don't know how! Heh heh. Anyway, we stopped at 11.30 am for marketing to do their presentation. Accroding to May, they seemed to like the training. Strange, because I didn't teach them much. Maybe they like the fact that there wasn't any information overload.

After work, I helped Jonathan to move some things to his new lodgings. The first problem was getting in to the storage place to get the cabinets and stuff. The bloody road was taken over by those hawkers. By the time I tried driving in there, the road was already full of their wares (mostly clothes). So I had to park at another place close enough for my colleagues to put the stuff onto the Invader. After the moving operation, my other colleague and I was compensated with lunch. Then went back home and crashed and slept until 5 something, because had to go to church.

After church, went for dinner and looked at some mattresses at the shop in the pawagam next to Karamunsing Complex. Inquired about several types of mattresses, but didn't settle for any one because I had to come home and measure the size of the mattress.

Later at night I proceeded to do my video encoding heh heh...

Saturday, 9 July 2005

Crazy Saturday

OK, today was a hectic Saturday for everyone. First, I had the job as Cameraman for the Talentime. The first camera I used was the Canon A400 from SAO to snap pics of the performers. The camera had a very slow response, compared to my A70. Everytime you take a picture, the pic will show a while on the LCD screen for a 1 second preview, and then the screen goes blank while the file is written to the SD card. This operation takes wuite a while, prolly around 2-3 seconds. The waiting time was even longer if the flash was used. So my recommendation: DO NOT BUY THE A400!!!

Anyway, back to the subject. Everyone had a blast. The winners convincingly won their prizes, and there was a performance by the kids from the Rumah Bakti Harapan. Later in the afternoon there was one performance apiece from the two schools. Both were dances, SOBAL was dancing to YMCA (by the Village People?) and SOCIT was danceing to the tune of September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Yours truly was the only representative from INSO to take part, and naturally got roped in by those fellas in the computing school. Well, they want something to remember, then I gave them an eyeful.

Thursday, 7 July 2005

Streamyx woes

Had some technicians come over to replace the SDSL modem at the office because the old one was giving problems. When trying to install the new modem, it does not want to sync with DSLAM, dunno why. So at the end of the day we still used back the old one. To be continued tomorrow, but read on to know what happened in between.

The fun part was when the techs were trying to set up the replacement modem to our line: when trying to ask them about where to input the internal IP for the modem because I want to connect it to our LAN, they were blur-blur, saying all I need to do was to sambung the modem to a router. How am I supposed to fix the modem to a router if I don't know the bloody IP? DUH!!!! I didn't want to argue too much because I just donated blood today. I was afraid I'm gonna puke blood instead if I asked them too many questions.

OK, after a while, resetting the modem to factory configurations, and finally getting the internal IP fixed to something that looked like an internal IP (the techs actually put the external IP in the modem's LAN IP!!!), we tried the web interface. WOW! that was an eye opener for the techs (well, one of them anyway) because they didn't RTFM and find out about the web interface. OK, tried fiddling with the settings in there but the modem still doesn't want to sync with the DSLAM. They fiddled some more but still no good. They said they would try change the new modem to another one to see if the problem was the same. I asked them to come back tomorrow because we were gonna shut the labs by 5pm, and I had dancing practice later.

One thing to note: the new modem that was gonna be the replacement was the first to be installed in Sabah, and that was the first time the techs had to install one. Wheee! I will only rejoice if they manage to get it working.

As for the tech's networking skills, I would think they were not properly trained to do networking, especially TCP/IP. So I guess that would earn them the title of n00bs.